Wednesday, September 29, 2004 - U.S. & World - SpaceShipOne Reaches Space Again, Lands - U.S. & World - SpaceShipOne Reaches Space Again, Lands

WOO HOO!!! Go Burt!!!

Monday, September 27, 2004

komo news | St. Helens Quakes Could Lead To 'Hazardous Event'

komo news | St. Helens Quakes Could Lead To 'Hazardous Event'

In a word... Uh oh! / Home UK - No French or German turn on Iraq / Home UK - No French or German turn on Iraq

This will not help Kerry's campaign. Some might say that Ol' George put em up to sayinig this. I doubt it, but then I also doubt that these gentlemen are lyling either. - Views - Iraq is Not Vietnam, It's Guadalcanal - Views - Iraq is Not Vietnam, It's Guadalcanal
Now this is an interesting and accurate view of Iraq, and the War on Terrorism, in general.

Sunday, September 26, 2004

My Way News

My Way News

I can't believe how badly the author of this article and the greens he contacted have missed the obvious facts in the report on the Spotted Owl that they are talking about.

The report said the owl, an icon of the Northwest timber wars, no longer faces the threat it once did from logging. It faces new ones, however, principally the wildfires that rage through overgrown forests and the barred owl, a relative of the spotted owl, which rapidly is taking over spotted owl habitat in the West.

Clearly, this states that wildfires from overgrown forrests and a natural competitive species of owl are killing it. Okay, well one of these things has nothing to do with humans. If a similiar species of animal is pushing out it's natural cometitor from it's natural range (i.e not an invading species from another part of hte world brought there by humans) then it's okay if that animal exterminates the other one. They are similiar species of owl, after all. The loss of one does not necessarily mean a real loss of biodiversity.

The other part that I found increadibly interesting is part about the overgrown forrests. That is humans fault. We stop the natural wildfires that naturally thin the forrest. In doing so, we force the forrest to be thicker. Wildfires naturally limit the number of trees in an area, selecting the small, young, and sick trees for killing. This, growing up in rural parts of New York state, I have seen with my own eyes. We stop the fires to protect the forrest and our investments in and around the forrest; houses and the like. That prevents the natural selection of older and stronger trees. Bad idea. The solution is to let loggers go in, take some of the big trees (against the natural way too, but they need incentive), and in that process, they will clear some of the underbrush and small trees. Selective culling of trees instead of clearcuts. Although, fire does create small clearcuts that form glades which are the natural habitat of many smaller forrest creatures. These fire glades (clearcut regions from fires) that I have seen in places like Harriman State park, are roughly a few football fields in area. The immence growth and production of these regions after the fires proved the value of the idea.

My Way News

My Way News

Some good news ... if that can be said from the hurricane

PhysOrg: UC Berkeley to develop wireless lighting controls

PhysOrg: UC Berkeley to develop wireless lighting controls(subscription)

I see this as having great potential!

PhysOrg: Scientists find nanowires capable of detecting individual viruses

PhysOrg: Scientists find nanowires capable of detecting individual viruses(subscription)

Now this is great news!

PhysOrg: A Halogen Bulb

PhysOrg: A Halogen Bulb(subscription)

A great idea, but is it really. The energy efficiency I like, but the extra heat is dangerous. How many of us have had fire problems with halogens? I went to college about the same time the hallogen lamps were coming out (94-98), and it was a real problem there.

PhysOrg: Nanotechnology to Create Green Hydrogen

PhysOrg: Nanotechnology to Create Green Hydrogen

Now this is something to talk about. 8% conversion efficency from solar energy to hydrogen using water as the hydrogen source. Well, that's a good idea to me! Go Brittish company Hydrogen Solar. They say in the article, and I've heard this other places, that 10% efficiency is the majic number to compete with oil. Perhaps in a couple of years, they could get there. They are setting up a new lab near Vegas; hot, dry, and tons of sun. Engineers near Vegas, hmmm, coinsidence? I htink not, but I digress. This could turn places with lots of sun and water into our new energy suppliers, complete energy independence! Yeah, I'd be a bit nervous if I was an oil company.

Saturday, September 25, 2004

WorldNetDaily: Terrorism solution: 1-way ticket to paradise

WorldNetDaily: Terrorism solution: 1-way ticket to paradise

This op-ed piece is fantastic. Some of his words are a bit over the top, but intened to be so. The fact is, he's right. The terrorists are in Iraq, fighting there instead of here. It's war by proxy, just like the Cold and World Wars. America does the fighting on their soil. This is good for America. Cold, but good. 1000 troops for 285 million safe Americans. This is a fair price, that sadly will go up. It's war. People die.

I haven't forgotten about the 3000 that died 3 years ago, or the dozens in 93, or the dozens on the USS Cole, or the dozens on the embassys, or the nightclubs, or the Marine barracks, or even the Iranian embassy. Like WW2 that started in 33 when the Japenese invaded China, this terrorism war started back in the late 70s. The West just didn't realize we were fighting it until 2001 when those bastards took out my favorite buildings in my town! I take it more personally, I guess, because it was on my watch when I was in the military.

Anger aside, am I the only one who remember's GI Joe. Doesn't this remind anyone of that cartoon from the 80s when the US Military fought a well funded international terrorist organization with a catchy name, Cobra in the case of the cartoon? I'm sorry, but the correllation kills me!

WorldNetDaily: Right now in U.S., 10,000 in slavery

WorldNetDaily: Right now in U.S., 10,000 in slavery

I can't say whether the number is higher or lower, but sadly, I'll bet it's a fact. A free society will have this shit. The solutions in the article,

The report urged increased public awareness about human trafficking, increasing monitoring of workers in sectors where forced labor is prevalent, and ensuring that victims have adequate social services when they escape.

I think will do the trick. It's illegal here, so we can stop most of it, but I doubt all. Hell, drugs still get through.

WorldNetDaily: Director praises Fidel, blasts Bush in Spain

WorldNetDaily: Director praises Fidel, blasts Bush in Spain

Oliver Stone is a great director. I love every movie he's made that I can think of. I'm sure he's made a few bad ones, but, whatever. As an American citizen, he has the right to say whatever he wants, no matter how much I disagree with him. Nevertheless, he is way off the mark on this one. At least, nearly half of us chose George Bush. You can't say that about the Cubans under Fidel Castro. He's a bum. George, no matter what, will be out of here in 4 years. If many in this country get their way; he'll be gone next January. (November is the election, January is the Innaugeration.) The people who don't like Fidel have been stuck with him since the 60s. If Castro is so great, how come his people still try to come here? How come our people aren't trying to go there? As a Yankee fan, I remember a pitcher of their's, whom the Yanks traded this year, one of the most privalidged people in that country, still risked life and limb to come here. Only later, this past summer, did his family get to join him; 2 - 3 years later. What does that tell you? Bush may have stolen an election. Bush will definitley be gone after being in power for at most 8 years. Fidel stole a whole country, and is still there.

Now, I'm no revisionist, but I understand Cuba's problems at the time of the revolution. It may have been good for them to clean out the corruption. I'm not sure how bad it was, but it is possible. Still, he brought communism. Communism is a bankrupt and foolish philosophy. It does not work.

I don't believe that Cubans love Castro. Not when we have them trying to escape here. Again, the reverse is not true. That's the best litmus test I can think of.

Oliver Stone is a great director, but he is full of shit. I'm not sure I can pay for another one of his movies after this bullshit! I don't care that he knocks the President. Hell, I do often enough, but to praise Castro? Hell, I grew up with people who escaped. I continue to see people escapeing. Ollie's nuts!

WorldNetDaily: Egypt bans Madonna after Israel visit

WorldNetDaily: Egypt bans Madonna after Israel visit

Let's see, Egypt did accept Isreal's existance, so we give them a few BILLION each year for that good deed. Meanwhile, they continue not to support Isreal in any way. I'm sorry, wasn't that the point of our money? Egypt is not a Democracy, in any sense of it. 30 years with one guy is baloney! And, this putz is grooming his son to take over. Oh yeah, the icing on the cake is all the anit-AMERICAN and antisemetic rhetoric that the Egyptian govenrment officially publishes.

I believe that Egypt gets 4 billion dollars each year in aide, or somthing close to that. Let's take it away.

It's funny, but really, the Cold War is over. Let's give aide only to those countries that help us now, or actually need it. How about starting with the countries that get aide, and still vote against us in the UN over 80% of the time. Sadly, and I saw the statistic, that's still like 20 -30 countries.

Friday, September 24, 2004 - FOX Fan - Irrelevant Arrogance - FOX Fan - Irrelevant Arrogance

Talk about a poinent article on the value, or lack thereof, of the UN.

TCS: Tech Central Station - Culture Shock Cuts Both Ways

TCS: Tech Central Station - Culture Shock Cuts Both Ways

A very good point... Free exchange of information helps all...

Free movement of people does the same, but it is fair to limit immigration to a point...

TCS: Tech Central Station - Zell and the Converts

TCS: Tech Central Station - Zell and the Converts

This is a powerful argument that I agree with. I personally experienced this in my freshman socialogy class. Then I was a ROTC student, son and grandson of veterans, and generally proud of the nation that I lived in. Those facts have not changed, save that fact that I am now a vereran myself.

My class was lead by a woman and her Chinese national teacher's assistant. I took a second to say a few things about myself a moment before, and I should now say a few more things. I have no problem with foreigners or women in any way. Both groups make valuable additions to our society in whatever roles I'm aware of. Still, regardless of any way one chooses to classify people, some people have ideas that I disagree with. These two women are such people.

For one reason or another, the class began to focus on the negative aspects of American society. Fair topic for class discussion, to be sure, but it did sadden me a bit. The point that I got annoyed with, and I should point out that this was the spring semister of 1995 at Syracuse University, was when they started telling us how much better China was than the US.

Call me cooky on this one, but I have trouble accepting that. Tieniman Square was only 6 years earlier. I went on with other points and evidence. I was countered by roughly all but 3 other people in the class of roughly 30 with more evidence of evil from America's past; none of which was news to me. I'm aware that Hitler's eugenics was first thought of here. Noone is unaware of the plight of the Indian Tribes. Only a fool would ignore that slavery is in the Constitution.

My reply to that was that, starting with slavery, that it was also repealed in the Constitution. I continued with other evidence. Still, I had one major point. This discussion about the morality and honestly of the Government could not be held legally in China, and therefore any other argument was useless. We can fix our mistakes here, and at least talk about them without worring about a political prision.

That last comment received a chorus of comments. Still, again, we can talk about it here. We can write songs, (Bob Dylan's Hurricane I was alluding to). We have the ACLU. We have newspapers and TV. (The internet was not much of a force yet.) We have more options and freedoms here than they do there. Surprisingly to me, that point was argued too. It left me dumbfounded. How do you respond to that kind of ingorance?

I'm a Capitolist. I support our Democracy, not blindly, I have given it a lot of thought. This was especially true before I decided to put on a uniform, and put my life on the line for it. I freely admit that I could be wrong. This system may not be the best way, but like the saying goes, "it's a terrible system, but it's the best of the alternatives." I though before I spoke about these things. I didn't just repeat what was told me, like so many of my classmates sadly did.

Most sadly of all, was the way that people responded to me in that class. Let me start off by saying that at no point was my safety in question. My chance for getting dates from the pool of women in that class was certainly lessened. Although, quite nicely, my fellow voices of dissent (reason in my mind) were two women and one man; two freshmen boys and two female juniors. Nice semetry there. Anyway, they all seemed to dislike us. Their minds seemed to be closed to our arguments, and I believe (hope really) that I was making honest and fair (let alone logical) arguments. I know my mind was open to their opinions, as that is one of the reasons I took the class. They all just didn't see that logical intelligent people can disagree with them.

Oh well...

TCS: Tech Central Station - Serious Disaster Preparedness

TCS: Tech Central Station - Serious Disaster Preparedness

This is a great little article about the power of people and their leasure time!

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Never Forget - Your World w/ Neil Cavuto - Common Sense - U.N.believable - Your World w/ Neil Cavuto - Common Sense - U.N.believable

Finally, a story to show why New Yorker's hate the UN!!! This has nothing to do with politics, but of conveinence. These guys are rude and self-important. Something that all americans dislike; actually, i doubt this crap would go very far in their own countries, but sadly, they're here!

TCS: Tech Central Station - VoIP In Your Hands

TCS: Tech Central Station - VoIP In Your Hands

This is a great read, and I think he makes some interesting predictions. VoIP is already being used by some people I know. Many more have already gotten rid of their land lines... who knows what tomorrow will bring, but the revolution has begun. can people handle the fast changes that can happen?

Wednesday, September 22, 2004



This is just sick. There are no other words for it.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Star Wars Trilogy - 2004 DVD Changes

Star Wars Trilogy - 2004 DVD Changes

This is just too good not to share for all my fellow Star Wars fans! - Views - Heritage Foundation - The Specter of Poverty in America - Views - Heritage Foundation - The Specter of Poverty in America

This is a great story that has a lot of truth ringing in it! - CBS arranged for meeting with Lockhart - CBS arranged for meeting with Lockhart

Is this true? If it is, oh boy. This would set a precident. No politician has ever used the media to attack a political rival. Why there's never been any evidence of that in our history!

Ooops. Wait a second. They all have done that with the possible exception of Washington. Still, I saw the History channel show on the subject of Hamilton and Burr a few weeks ago, and they talked about it ththere. Aparently, they all did it in those days. Does anyone really think that has changed in the last 200 years?

I hope not. As Rather goes, so goes network news As Rather goes, so goes network news

I think this guy is right on one point, and may be right on another point. The first is the part about the general trend in media. The Internet is continuing to change things, and we are not close to the end of its ramifications. Blogs and their effects are just the next step in Humanity march to change with technology.

The other point, about old tv media dying out, may be a fact. I'm just not sure one way or another. Print is still here. I expect the role of the big tv networks will still be needed in one form or another; even if it is CNN or something like it, that fills the role instead of them. That death, if it is to occur, will be mightly slow. Still, a lessening and weakening of it is likely, and right soon.

SARS cure in sight - The Times of India

SARS cure in sight - The Times of India

This is great news!

Monday, September 20, 2004

Quick exit from Iraq is likely

Quick exit from Iraq is likely

This is and interesting possibility. The author here, Robert Novak, makes some good points that make sence to me.

Let's break these quotes out one at at time.


Inside the Bush administration policymaking apparatus, there is strong feeling that U.S. troops must leave Iraq next year. This determination is not predicated on success in implanting Iraqi democracy and internal stability. Rather, the officials are saying: Ready or not, here we go.

Doing this avoides the issue of having to explain any extra troop callups, extra deaths, and expense of treasure. The fact is, and I have supported this war from day one, Bush has had no plan for the post war. Our military preformed brilliantly in defeating the professional military of Iraq. The problem for all major forces is to win the postwar. Can you pacify the nation and beat the gorilla forces?

Getting out now would not end expensive U.S. reconstruction of Iraq, and certainly would not stop the fighting. Without U.S. troops, the civil war cited as the worst-case outcome by the recently leaked National Intelligence Estimate would be a reality. It would then take a resolute president to stand aside while Iraqis battle it out.

This is likely what will happen next. The problem is that we are buring up troops and the members of our reserves. You can't tap a temporary force, which is what the Guard and Reserves were intended to be, to be used as a full-time force. We can't afford that. We need the Reserve and Guard forces as the backup that they are. So, we need to pull the guys out of Iraq, or increase the active duty force strength by 2 division; like Kerry is saying (at the moment, anyway.) We had our civil war. Most groups of people, sadly, need to have one periodically. Iraq was particioned by colonial line, and not by tribal groups; just like Africa. This leeds to all sorts of problems. Sadly, the Shias are just going to have to be allowed to have their revenge. Otherwise they'll unite against us, and force us out anyway. Then, they'll get back to their war. So, might as well let em do it. The way I see it, we ought to stay teh current course for a while. There seems to be some new negotianing initiatives, and hte Iraqi national military is being trained. Give them a force for nationalism, and then pull out. At that point, we jsut hope for the best.

That's the way I see it...

One side note from article...

The Kerry campaign, realizing that its only hope is to attack Bush for his Iraq policy, is not equipped to make sober evaluations of Iraq. When I asked a Kerry political aide what his candidate would do in Iraq, he could do no better than repeat the old saw that help is on the way from European troops. Kerry's foreign policy advisers know there will be no release from that quarter.

Bush made the same mistake of hoping for European troops that aren't there. The bloody Europeans HAVE NO MILITARY! They are weak and useless. That was the Cold War trade. The war is fought on European soil wth US troops comming in like the cavalry. Cold war's over. Time for Europe to step up.

Friday, September 17, 2004

DRUDGE REPORT FLASH 2004 - Individual Ready Reserve Callup?

Individual Ready Reserve Callup?

This could really suck for me personally, as I am still in the IRR until a year from next May. Oh well, at least I knew this could happen when I signed that contract years ago.

Great White Shark at Calif. Aquarium


Now this is truely cool. I love these things. I hope they can keep this bugger alive over there. It might be worth a trip out to Monterey! - Views - Junk Science - Kerry's Nuclear Power Problem - Views - Junk Science - Kerry's Nuclear Power Problem

I love this author Steven Milloy for his frank and honest discussions on a variety of science related issues. He's great to read. Again, in this case he makes sence.

Let me take a step back, and talk about my politics for a second. I don't think that fission nuclear power is a good idea, and until someone figures out how to make a fusion power plant (cold or hot), that's all we have. Fission plants make tons, literally, of nuclear waste in the full range of high to low level of radioactivity. This is nasty stuff that is going to be a problem longer than humans can really conceive. Okay, so then basically, I'm saying that 20% of American electricity should come from something else; basically fossil fuels. Reneweables really aren't cost effective comparibly speaking without government support except on micro scales. I don't think that Global Warming is much of an issue either. I won't get started on the Kyoto treaty. CO2 is just not a threat in my mind. But, and this is a big but, all the rest of the crap that comes out of burning those fuels are bad things. Hence why I am for the government support of reneweables, and research into effieiency and other fuel sources. Of course, there's always the obvious objection of the fact that we buy a lot of these fossil fuels from people who don't like us all that much. Always a bad idea.

So, back to the main point of the article, we have all these nuclear power plants. We need to put the waste somewhere, so why not a place that's already polluted with nuclear waste; i.e. the Nevada Test site. I know it's not that simple, but... where else should we put it?

TCS: Tech Central Station - Journalistic Balancing Act?

TCS: Tech Central Station - Journalistic Balancing Act?

This is a great article on the reporting on the Global Warming subject. Granted it also is clearly written from the perspective of one who is not sure it is human caused...

Exactly how I feel...

TCS: Tech Central Station - Too Good to Check

TCS: Tech Central Station - Too Good to Check

The way I see it, the media has always been biased a bit, because people are biased. There was a term used by many around the turn of the 20th century called Yellow Journalism. Hurst and friends were known for their sensationalism. Go back even farther to the muck rags that politicians used to attack one another around the birth of this country. This is quite poinent and timely as we approach the bicentennial of the Burr - Hamilton duel. That duel was fought because of the crap that those guys printed about one anohter over a lifetime of politics; and for most of that time, they were friends! (Granted much of this commentary comes from my memory of a brilliant History Channel show I recently saw on the subject.)

It's even an issue in physics; the act of observation of an object changes the very thing you are observing. Granted this is really only an issue on micro scales like particle physics, but even in the natural world there are parallels; think duck blinds, or really any way animals are observed by humans for even the most begnine studies. To observe and report is to take part in what you are observing.

My basic point here, and I know this is reverse order from how articles are supposed to be written, but hey this is my world, so my rules. Anyway, my point is that bias is to be expected, and the reaction of all to it like I wrote about yesterday with Dan's ratings dropping, is how it is to be countered. The bad thing is reporting falsehoods, and that is par and parcel to the tradition of muck raking that I described above. Hurst, in particular, falsely wrote tons of articles about the "Attack on the USS Maine" that started the Spanish-American war of 1898. It has been since proven that the USS Maine blew up by accident; not Spanish sabotage.

Thursday, September 16, 2004 / World - US debates military strikes on 'nuclear Iran' / World - US debates military strikes on 'nuclear Iran'

This is a little scary. No matter which way you slice this, it's going to be bad. It's not like 20 years ago when Israel took out Iraq's reactor, and the world pretty much let them get away with it.

I will say this, referring to the last paragraph of the article,

But it adds that the absence of significant numbers of US stealth aircraft, early warning aircraft and other assets in the region indicate that the US is not actively considering air strike options at the moment.

the expert is not necessarily correct. The stealth bombers are capable of hitting anywhere from their base in the US. I believe, but am not sure, that there is at least one carrier battle group in the Persian Gulf at the moment, and that would be able to provide sufficient support aircraft for any mission. Let's not forget cruise missiles, either.

Eh, hopefully they'll just get another earthquake near the facilities, and then that would solve the problem for us!

FCC Chief Pushes TV Via High-Speed Internet Lines

FCC Chief Pushes TV Via High-Speed Internet Lines

This is fantastic. There is not enough competition in the TV market. I can't understand why they broke up AT&T 20 years ago, and still have left the Cable Monopoly? Granted, cable was a new enterprise then, and has only become this ungainly monolith in the last few years. I have no problem with big companies, but I HATE monopolies. That's particularly why I'm excited about the TiVo merger with Netflix. The fact that Verison is stepping into the fray means that the other baby-bells will no doubt follow suit. The perennial "just another year or two" of the power companies joining offering highspeed data services may actually happen this time. I read about the power company potential offerings in a recent edition of the MIT Technology Review magazine or IEEE Spectrum; I can't remember which Again, the more competition the better. Then, of course, there's the talk of the WIMaX technology that Intel and friends are touting so heavily. Regardless of how the broadband connection gets to you, and again I see 4 potential (Cable Co, Local Telco, power co?, and potential WIMaX provider), the possility of getting movies/tv on demand via a single pipe is fantastic. I know several people that have gotten rid of their local phone in favor of VoIP via their broadband connection. I'm using a cell only and Cable/broadband for my media connection in my apartment. The point is, more competition in these traditionally monopoly dominated markets (entertainment, telephone, internet) is good for the consumer. If you think about it, these services really do lend themselves to being provided by one server. Still, in an emergency, it would be nice to have that separate land line with it's own power.



I see this as a greatthing! It's about time that people started asserting their power over media. I really don't care if they like or dislike 'ol Dan. Personally, I think he's a pretty good guy. Still, the part that I like is that aparently a lot of his viewers don't like what that he reported something that seems to be fraudalent. Whatever. The point is that they're not happy, and showing it in the proper way. That's cool. Now, if they would only do that instead of making all these stupid lawsuits, I'd be really happy!

Friday, September 10, 2004

The first line

This is the first post to this blog