Thursday, September 16, 2004

FCC Chief Pushes TV Via High-Speed Internet Lines

FCC Chief Pushes TV Via High-Speed Internet Lines

This is fantastic. There is not enough competition in the TV market. I can't understand why they broke up AT&T 20 years ago, and still have left the Cable Monopoly? Granted, cable was a new enterprise then, and has only become this ungainly monolith in the last few years. I have no problem with big companies, but I HATE monopolies. That's particularly why I'm excited about the TiVo merger with Netflix. The fact that Verison is stepping into the fray means that the other baby-bells will no doubt follow suit. The perennial "just another year or two" of the power companies joining offering highspeed data services may actually happen this time. I read about the power company potential offerings in a recent edition of the MIT Technology Review magazine or IEEE Spectrum; I can't remember which Again, the more competition the better. Then, of course, there's the talk of the WIMaX technology that Intel and friends are touting so heavily. Regardless of how the broadband connection gets to you, and again I see 4 potential (Cable Co, Local Telco, power co?, and potential WIMaX provider), the possility of getting movies/tv on demand via a single pipe is fantastic. I know several people that have gotten rid of their local phone in favor of VoIP via their broadband connection. I'm using a cell only and Cable/broadband for my media connection in my apartment. The point is, more competition in these traditionally monopoly dominated markets (entertainment, telephone, internet) is good for the consumer. If you think about it, these services really do lend themselves to being provided by one server. Still, in an emergency, it would be nice to have that separate land line with it's own power.


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