Friday, September 17, 2004 - Views - Junk Science - Kerry's Nuclear Power Problem - Views - Junk Science - Kerry's Nuclear Power Problem

I love this author Steven Milloy for his frank and honest discussions on a variety of science related issues. He's great to read. Again, in this case he makes sence.

Let me take a step back, and talk about my politics for a second. I don't think that fission nuclear power is a good idea, and until someone figures out how to make a fusion power plant (cold or hot), that's all we have. Fission plants make tons, literally, of nuclear waste in the full range of high to low level of radioactivity. This is nasty stuff that is going to be a problem longer than humans can really conceive. Okay, so then basically, I'm saying that 20% of American electricity should come from something else; basically fossil fuels. Reneweables really aren't cost effective comparibly speaking without government support except on micro scales. I don't think that Global Warming is much of an issue either. I won't get started on the Kyoto treaty. CO2 is just not a threat in my mind. But, and this is a big but, all the rest of the crap that comes out of burning those fuels are bad things. Hence why I am for the government support of reneweables, and research into effieiency and other fuel sources. Of course, there's always the obvious objection of the fact that we buy a lot of these fossil fuels from people who don't like us all that much. Always a bad idea.

So, back to the main point of the article, we have all these nuclear power plants. We need to put the waste somewhere, so why not a place that's already polluted with nuclear waste; i.e. the Nevada Test site. I know it's not that simple, but... where else should we put it?


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