Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Newsday.com: As Rather goes, so goes network news

Newsday.com: As Rather goes, so goes network news

I think this guy is right on one point, and may be right on another point. The first is the part about the general trend in media. The Internet is continuing to change things, and we are not close to the end of its ramifications. Blogs and their effects are just the next step in Humanity march to change with technology.

The other point, about old tv media dying out, may be a fact. I'm just not sure one way or another. Print is still here. I expect the role of the big tv networks will still be needed in one form or another; even if it is CNN or something like it, that fills the role instead of them. That death, if it is to occur, will be mightly slow. Still, a lessening and weakening of it is likely, and right soon.


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