Sunday, September 26, 2004

PhysOrg: Nanotechnology to Create Green Hydrogen

PhysOrg: Nanotechnology to Create Green Hydrogen

Now this is something to talk about. 8% conversion efficency from solar energy to hydrogen using water as the hydrogen source. Well, that's a good idea to me! Go Brittish company Hydrogen Solar. They say in the article, and I've heard this other places, that 10% efficiency is the majic number to compete with oil. Perhaps in a couple of years, they could get there. They are setting up a new lab near Vegas; hot, dry, and tons of sun. Engineers near Vegas, hmmm, coinsidence? I htink not, but I digress. This could turn places with lots of sun and water into our new energy suppliers, complete energy independence! Yeah, I'd be a bit nervous if I was an oil company.


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