Saturday, September 25, 2004

WorldNetDaily: Director praises Fidel, blasts Bush in Spain

WorldNetDaily: Director praises Fidel, blasts Bush in Spain

Oliver Stone is a great director. I love every movie he's made that I can think of. I'm sure he's made a few bad ones, but, whatever. As an American citizen, he has the right to say whatever he wants, no matter how much I disagree with him. Nevertheless, he is way off the mark on this one. At least, nearly half of us chose George Bush. You can't say that about the Cubans under Fidel Castro. He's a bum. George, no matter what, will be out of here in 4 years. If many in this country get their way; he'll be gone next January. (November is the election, January is the Innaugeration.) The people who don't like Fidel have been stuck with him since the 60s. If Castro is so great, how come his people still try to come here? How come our people aren't trying to go there? As a Yankee fan, I remember a pitcher of their's, whom the Yanks traded this year, one of the most privalidged people in that country, still risked life and limb to come here. Only later, this past summer, did his family get to join him; 2 - 3 years later. What does that tell you? Bush may have stolen an election. Bush will definitley be gone after being in power for at most 8 years. Fidel stole a whole country, and is still there.

Now, I'm no revisionist, but I understand Cuba's problems at the time of the revolution. It may have been good for them to clean out the corruption. I'm not sure how bad it was, but it is possible. Still, he brought communism. Communism is a bankrupt and foolish philosophy. It does not work.

I don't believe that Cubans love Castro. Not when we have them trying to escape here. Again, the reverse is not true. That's the best litmus test I can think of.

Oliver Stone is a great director, but he is full of shit. I'm not sure I can pay for another one of his movies after this bullshit! I don't care that he knocks the President. Hell, I do often enough, but to praise Castro? Hell, I grew up with people who escaped. I continue to see people escapeing. Ollie's nuts!


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