Saturday, September 25, 2004

WorldNetDaily: Egypt bans Madonna after Israel visit

WorldNetDaily: Egypt bans Madonna after Israel visit

Let's see, Egypt did accept Isreal's existance, so we give them a few BILLION each year for that good deed. Meanwhile, they continue not to support Isreal in any way. I'm sorry, wasn't that the point of our money? Egypt is not a Democracy, in any sense of it. 30 years with one guy is baloney! And, this putz is grooming his son to take over. Oh yeah, the icing on the cake is all the anit-AMERICAN and antisemetic rhetoric that the Egyptian govenrment officially publishes.

I believe that Egypt gets 4 billion dollars each year in aide, or somthing close to that. Let's take it away.

It's funny, but really, the Cold War is over. Let's give aide only to those countries that help us now, or actually need it. How about starting with the countries that get aide, and still vote against us in the UN over 80% of the time. Sadly, and I saw the statistic, that's still like 20 -30 countries.


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