Saturday, September 25, 2004

WorldNetDaily: Terrorism solution: 1-way ticket to paradise

WorldNetDaily: Terrorism solution: 1-way ticket to paradise

This op-ed piece is fantastic. Some of his words are a bit over the top, but intened to be so. The fact is, he's right. The terrorists are in Iraq, fighting there instead of here. It's war by proxy, just like the Cold and World Wars. America does the fighting on their soil. This is good for America. Cold, but good. 1000 troops for 285 million safe Americans. This is a fair price, that sadly will go up. It's war. People die.

I haven't forgotten about the 3000 that died 3 years ago, or the dozens in 93, or the dozens on the USS Cole, or the dozens on the embassys, or the nightclubs, or the Marine barracks, or even the Iranian embassy. Like WW2 that started in 33 when the Japenese invaded China, this terrorism war started back in the late 70s. The West just didn't realize we were fighting it until 2001 when those bastards took out my favorite buildings in my town! I take it more personally, I guess, because it was on my watch when I was in the military.

Anger aside, am I the only one who remember's GI Joe. Doesn't this remind anyone of that cartoon from the 80s when the US Military fought a well funded international terrorist organization with a catchy name, Cobra in the case of the cartoon? I'm sorry, but the correllation kills me!


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