Tuesday, October 12, 2004

FOXNews.com - Views - Heritage Foundation - Kofi Annan's Iraq Blunder

FOXNews.com - Views - Heritage Foundation - Kofi Annan's Iraq Blunder

This is hugely powerful! This author is right on! Allow me to elaborate...

U.S. allies who had supported the liberation of Baghdad, including Britain, Australia, Poland, Bulgaria and Japan, immediately condemned his remarks — and rightly so. It was only the latest in a long line of blunders by Annan, whose leadership on the world stage, from Rwanda to Iraq to the Sudan, has proven a spectacular failure.

The UN has not helped where it's particular help would be best suited and is most needed. America is helping in Sudan, but not the UN! Are we the only ones who care? Is it that the UN allows members from totalarian states, and they are now the majority. Is that the case, and that they support the horrors in those places? Why is Europe and MSM not screaming about this?

But, some may ask, can’t Annan express his opinion? Yes, but his ill-considered jibe carries serious repercussions. It undercuts efforts to stabilize postwar Iraq efforts that have been endorsed by the U.N. Security Council. It stigmatizes the embryonic Iraqi government and strengthens the hand of Iraqi insurgents and foreign terrorists determined to strangle democracy and defeat the U.S.-led, U.N.-backed security operation.

Again, I agree. Opinion is fine, but office and position effect how that opinion will be reacted to. This is true for entertainers, normal people, and politicians. Iraq is what it is. A fair person could say we should not have invaded, but still we must make the best of what could have been a bad decision; one I actually do not think was a bad decision; and support the Iraqis.

Annan’s statement that the war was “illegal” is both false and spurious. By Annan’s logic, the 1999 U.S./British-led intervention in Kosovo, which was conducted without benefit of a Security Council resolution, also was “illegal” despite the fact that the international community supported it.

I was in the Air Force during these little wars. I was in a postion to see what the Serbs were doing. We did right to defend those Muslims in Kosovo. If the UN will not act, then responcible nations must! Should we never do anything and let the innocents die when we can? We fought that war for no reason other than altruistic ones, and yet we, American and Brittan, get no credit for it! Of course, 2 World Wars did start there. It is wise to attend to the affairs of that region. They do tend to pull in the Great Powers. Perhaps it was less than altruism, but not much.

Moreover, Iraq technically put itself into a state of war with the United States by violating the cease-fire that ended the 1991 Gulf War. Long before the 2003 war, Iraqi forces were shooting daily at American and British warplanes assigned to enforce the U.N.-imposed “no-fly zones” over Iraq.

I have been ranting over this fact for years. This, too, my position in the military made me accutely aware of. The bloody Iragi government broke the cease-fire agreement. Cut and dry. The war was just. Still, President Bush did not sell the war on that fact to the American people; and the world at large; and that is a problem.

The Clinton administration chose to ignore these attacks and other cease-fire violations, but the Bush administration decided to take action in view of Iraq’s manifest failure to prove that it had dismantled its prohibited programs to build weapons of mass destruction and missiles that threatened its neighbors. The U.N. Charter explicitly recognizes the right of every state to act in self-defense, a fact that Annan curiously neglects.

This is something that drove me nuts as it was my friends, personally, that were flying some of those missions!

Annan’s ill-timed comments should be seen as a poorly judged attempt to indirectly influence the U.S. presidential election. The notion of U.S. isolation is a myth that Annan is keen to promote on the world stage. He ignores the fact that more than 30 allies are backing the U.S. with troops on the ground in Iraq, including 12 of the 25 members of the European Union, and 16 out of 26 NATO members.

No country is in isloation anymore. It is not possible. We all have neighbors. All the Great and Small powers effect oneanother. If you have that which others could, would, or do want, then you cannot be in isolation. We are not alone in any of this.

The U.N. is in steep (and possibly terminal) decline, struggling for relevance in the 21st Century. Mr. Annan’s remarks only further underline his organization’s growing impotence.

There are many voices calling for the end of the UN. I think it's a good organization in theory, but it's current form is impotent. It needs to be either fixed or shall cease to be. America is getting tired of it! New York certainly is for more mundane reasons. The bloody diplomats and their immunity to parking tickets. They tie up traffic, and cause a huge number of problems. Think of all those wasted gallons of gasoline from the traffic they cause. I'm all for diplomatic immunity, but not for parking and vehicle violations. Driving is a privaledge, not a right.


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