Monday, November 08, 2004

The New York Times > Week in Review > Bolts From the Political Blue: Can History Save the Democrats?

The New York Times > Week in Review > Bolts From the Political Blue: Can History Save the Democrats?

I have a few thoughts. There are a couple of basic problems with the Democratic party right now, and opportunities as well. The Republican party has a core of socially conservative religiously motivated supporters, and then a large portion of socially liberal fiscally conservative, but non-eleteist followers. The latter are those like myself, and most of those I know personally who voted for Bush.

Let me say a couple of things that will anger you, but please understand that that is not my intention. I want you to see our rationale. The elitiest attitudes of many of Kerry's supporters, the man himself, and those who currently control the Democratic national agenda, piss us off. I say that vulgarly to be dramatic. The anger and fustration is as visceral as the way some, feel towards George. I understand that, and I think they have good reason to feel that way even if I don't feel that way. The problem is that the eliteists think I must be either stupid or ignorant to support him. They think that my support of some logging and partial clearing of federal woodlands is based on my ignorance. The point is that they think I must be dumb because I disagree regardless of the issue.

Their attitude breeds contempt on both sides, and causes a rift. It also brings me to my second point. A lot of America thinks that hunting is a fine way to spend their time. A lot of activities and beliefs that the social elete's find abhorant are quite acceptable to millions. Kerry's little hunting trip means that someone figured out my point, but too late. He didn't look natural. He looked like he was pratically gerrymandering, and everyone could see it.

All the Democrats need to do is to silence the elitist voices in the party. They need to take a step back from that agenda, and come up with a message that the rank and file union folk that have been their bastion of support over the last century would support. They need to get away from the message that the Hollywood elete that seem to hate America love. Most Americans, like myself, are quite patriotic. We love it here, and are happy to be part of this club; warts and all. We need to fix out social problems, but most folk need it to slow for a few years, and don't tell me this place is horrible. It's not, and we all know it. We all know what it's like in places like China, Saudi Arabia, etc. Stop acting like our government is as bad as those are.

Most of those who supported Bush and aren't religiously conservative are turned off by his religious tendancies. We're easy fruit for the Dems to grab in the next election. Just don't tell me you're smarter than I am, and don't act so smug. Bill Clinton didn't, and that's exactly why he did so damn well when Gore and Kerry didn't. Bill did EXACTLY what I'm saying. Bill's handlers are bunk, but that man knew what to do. The next 4 years will be interesting if they can find someone like that.



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