Monday, December 27, 2004

OpinionJournal - From America With Love

OpinionJournal - From America With Love Ukraine really has a chance here. A American woman married to the newly elected pro-Western president of Ukraine. That country, which some of my ancestors fled for America roughly 100 years ago, has a real chance. Like the author of this article, I do not agree with the cynics. Yes, the country is rife with corruption, but events of the scale of this election have a way of being a crucible by which new nations are born.

America has had it's share of crubilbles too; the War of 1812, the Civil War, the Civil Rights Movement. Each time, the nature of the country changed in dramatic ways even though the composition of the people did not. These events can change the mind and the soul of a country. The War of 1812 made us feel something of a nation as opposed to being a tight group of nation-states. The Civil War made us into Americans as much as the great Lincoln invented the modern version of politician; check it out, he was a master of gerrymandering, but I digress. The Civil Rights movement shook the soul of our country, and forced us to move to the place where our Promise is much closer to being a reality.

Yes, such an event has happened here. This is on par with those great events in America's past. The protests enveloped not only the capitol but in most of the cities and towns. People fought back and fought the corruption and intimidation. They did not accept an outcome that they knew was a fraud. Russia's arm is shortening. The battle for the soul of that great nation is yet to come, but more likely to come if those on her borders find Democracy.

Security and freedom can only come from a strong liberal economy. The Cold War proved that the West could match the military industrial output of the Russian block, but that the East could not match the output of the West for everything else. Our people are happier, because our people have more freedom. I speak with the reverence of a religious figure, but is it not so? Doctrine is doctrine. Our way is better, and it's good to see it spread. Much better to be bloodless in Ukraine than with the blood being shed in Iraq. Still, many gallons of blood have been spilt over the years under communism.

With an American co-pilot, and peacfullly revolutionized soul, Ukraine has a real chance. It remains to be seen if enough can change, but there is hope. Ukraine is not Russia, and they always were the conquered ones. Now, the people have a shook the ground and the greats have heard their voices. They will not easily give up the ground they have taken.


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