Monday, December 27, 2004 - Poll shows troops in support of war - Poll shows troops in support of war

What does that tell you? Those who know the most about the war, and have the most to lose with it are the ones who support it the greatest. That's because this is a just war! It was sold to the public on somewhat of a shaky ground, but it's still the right thing to do. We are, and have, done a good thing in Iraq.

Also of interest is the fact the military OPPOSES the draft. Democratic Rep. Charles Rangle of my own state of New York would be wise to observe this fact. It was HE and not the Republicans that tried to force it on the military and the country over this past summer; and sadly many other times. Odd, considering he represents, Harlem I believe, which is one of the poorest parts of NYC and the Nation in general. That is not a region of the country, neither is my native New York, known for supporting the military; regardless of what happened here a few Septembers ago. As a matter of fact, he would do well to remember the riots against both the Vietnam and Civil War draft that tore the City apart. The latter dramatised in the movie Gangs of New York. Nevertheless, the draft is a useless drain on the military. Want proof, ask someone who was drafted in Vietnam. There are pleanty of those men around. My father volunteered, and was lucky enough to be posted in the US. He had a fair time, and did not look poorly on his service. Draftees are unhappy, and unmotivated. Their only alternative is jail. They make poor soldiers, because all they want to do is to get out when their time is up. I don't question their combat abilities, integrity, or honor. It's only that they will most likely not stay in the service longer then they have to; which is shorter than the time the military would need to recoup their investment. All resources spent on training and equiping them are wasted, as they will leave the service as soon as they can. The exception to this are those drafted during a war like WWII when those men had a different motivation; the survival of our Country. All things said, my point is there and valid.

The next part that I want to comment on is the fact that they correctly see Congress as the problem with the armor issue. Congress hold the purse strings, and could add money specifically for the armor if they choose to. They could order Pentagon to put a portion of it's funds toward that.

Lastly, let me speak of Abu Gharaib. Most soldiers think that it's the fault of those who did it. I was told every year that I was responcible for my actions if I followed an illegal order; especially implied ones. This has been true ever since Vietnam; probably since the fallout of the Mai Lai incident, but that's just my guess. The folks in charge of the prison should bear the lion's share of the blame and punishment.


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