Sunday, January 23, 2005 - We're faking and fibbing on Kyoto - We're faking and fibbing on Kyoto

Outsiders know it well. At a U.N. conference on climate change in Buenos Aires last month, the Japanese representative remarked, casually, as if it were self-evident, that when the Kyoto treaty comes up for renewal in 2012, Japan, Russia and Canada will all withdraw.

To quote a Simpson's character, "HAHA." Of course they will withdraw. IT's bunk. They can't meet it. The only reasons the Russsians joined it was because they get in to the World Trade Organization. DUH!

We're right, and they can't accept it. It's ironic that the very people who are claim to be the most "evolved" seem to be behaving like the ones that were rebelled against here in the US in the 60s.

Honest science proves that the enviorment is changing, but it is unsure if it is due to man-made causes. If we invest in Kyoto, it will cost us dearly. What happens if we were wrong to invest in Kyoto, but have no cash left to solve the real problem. Prosperity breeds solutions. Poverty does not. Rich countries invent. Poor countries need handouts. I say lets help everyone be rich. Rich is better. Promote free trade and honest competition. Then, through the natural innovaton that has spauned humanity's rise, the solutions to ecological problems can be found. Think of how many great minds are lost due to the fact that most minds on this planet are worried about eating...


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