Thursday, March 03, 2005

Are they nuts???

US developing 'pain from a distance' weapon

I love the editorial comments here. This Brittish guy seems to have
missed the point here. Let me tell you what he said first.

Andrew Rice, a consultant in pain medicine in London,
said: "I am deeply concerned about the ethical aspects of this

Okay, so he questions the ethical aspects of this. At first this
seems to be a logical thing to question. After all, torture is
defintiely something were all against.

So, okay what is the application of a weapon like this. It's clearly
designed for long-range application to large numbers of people;
ideally, troops, but crowd control comes to mind as well. I'm sure
the military was thinking Mogadissu(I know I murdered the spelling of
that.) when they authorized the research into it. Okay, so that's
why they wanted to create this pain device. Not too bad an idea.

This is not something you could use in a place like Cuba with all the
detainees. It's too long range. If you wanted to torture them, fire
and electricity are cheaper and easier to use. Do we not give our
police Tasers? Of course we do. Why, so they have an alternative to
shooting people. Hmmm. What about our little plasma pain device
here? What's the alternative to hitting them with pain? Well, I
believe for area control against large numbers of people, the Army has
one choice; artillery. Yeah, I think pain's better than that.